The global leading chain of culinary edutainment studios
Corporate Events and Team Building
Private Parties
Kids Parties and Birthdays
We stage personalised & memorable experiences:
Culinary Open Classes
Our Locations
Founded 2015
800 m²
4 studios, 1 conference
Founded 2012
1150 m²
7 studios, 1 conference

Founded 2017
715 m²
4 studios, 1 conference
Founded 2015
1300 m²
4 studios , 1 conference
Coming soon
600 m²
3 studios, 1 conference
Our Target Audience
25 - 40 years
65% women, 35% men
above average
The Recipe of our Success
Each CULINARYON experience is engineered according to our E.P.I.C. formula
Moments of sensory elevation are provided through food, drinks, music, fun.
Pride of creating something like cooking a 3-course gourmet meal.
Learning about the team, colleagues/friends, and even learning about cooking.
Everything is done in cooperation with others to ensure team bonding.
In 2018, we hosted 27,000 guests across 1,300 events. Most of Fortune 500 companies have visited us.
Partnership Opportunities
Engage our services to organise events for your target audiences. Based on your requirements, we can customise the event format to fit your objectives.

See a few examples of the types of events that we organise below:
Client Appreciation Events
We organise one-time/regular appreciation events for customers, partners and members of our clients.

• Fun cooking events
• Networking events
• Seasonal events: Mothers' Day, Valentine's Day, etc.
• Wine Las Vegas: premium wine appreciation
• Whiskey Las Vegas: premium whiskey appreciation

...and others
Product Launch Events

We organise product launch events for a variety of companies, including equipment brands, F&B suppliers and other industry-related partners.

• Cooking workshops
• Demo sessions
• Marketplace events

...and others
Content Development
Engage our team of professional Chefs and our in-house Content Development Manager to develop thematic recipes for you.

Our content development experience covers professional photography (recipe step-by-step making + final hero photo), as well as food videography.
Advertising & Branding
We offer branding & merchandising to our partners through our studio display as well as events. If you'd like your products to be featured for the more than 27,000 guests that visit our studio yearly across 1,300 events, do inquire with us!
Our Partners

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