The Coffee Shop Challenge
A unique event specially created for Olam's coffee and cocoa production business, using original Olam ingredients and combining fun and challenging team building activities.
140 guests (in teams of 5)
Participants will be divided in teams of 5 people (total 30 teams). All participants will get to attend all activities.
Coffee and Cocoa theme
The event will celebrate Olam's coffee and cocoa production, two key product categories.
Anniversary event @ Cappella
The event will take in the Cappella Hotel in Sentosa on 7 April 2019
Engage participants in teams activities for small groups around the world of coffee and chocolate
Event Flow & Description
140 guests will be split into 30 groups of 5 participants each and will rotate around 3 different activities.

Each activity will be 45 minutes long, total event will be 4 hours including award ceremony and team rotation time.
Teams will rotate around the different activities with 10 minute intervals between one activity and the other
Each participant and team will be experience all 3 challenges
Chocolate challenge
Participants will be challenged to create the best chocolate lava cake a 100% from scratch using Olam's quality products.
The ingredients and the recipe will need to be unlocked by solving riddles.

We will surprise the participants with an engaging and magical ice-cream show while the lava is cooking.

• Whisk and risk competition
• Riddles unlocking
• Cooking challenge
The coffee competition will have two parts:

a) Coffee and food pairing challenge
b) Mocktail / Cocktail creation

Coffee food pairing: get your team to test their coffee knowledge by advanced food pairing. Different qualities of coffee will be brewed for this taste matching game.

Mocktail / Cocktail: participant will work in team to create the tasites coffee based drink. Our Barista will be the most impartial judge

• Best Mocktail (recipe, name & presentation)
• Coffee pairing challenge
Marketing challenge
Teams will need to come up with their own coffee shop brand, logo and unique selling proposition and 1 minute video advertising.

The best works will be portrayed to in the award ceremony for the company management to judge.

• Coffee shop brand and logo creation
• Apron and take away cup design
• Video advertising of coffee shop
All 140 participants will get together in the main hall where we are going to project the best videos marketing their "coffee shops". A expert committee made by company management will judge the work and award scores. The scores will then be summed up team results in the coffee the chocolate competition to determine the winners of the event.
One Raffles Place
#04-63, Tower 2
048616 Singapore

Daily 8am to 11pm

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