Nuts, Coffee, Cocoa
A unique event specially created for Olam's nut, coffee and cocoa production business, using original Olam ingredients and centered around creativity.
144 guests
With 12 teams of 12 people each
Nuts, Coffee, Cocoa
The ingredients at the center of the event
The event will take in the Cappella Hotel in Sentosa on 7 April 2019

This anniversary event is all about exploring the philosophy of Olam in creative ways.

Participants will be tasked with the following challenge:
Create and execute a culinary masterpiece that represents what Olam means to your team

• 1 hour to complete the task

• Menu needs to contain at least 1 nut recipe idea

• Menu needs to contain at least 1 coffee recipe idea

• Menu needs to contain at least 1 cocoa recipe idea

144 guests will be divided into 12 teams. Every team will have total 12 members.

Each team will assign its members to different tasks.
Event will take place in a single large space so that all 144 guests participate together (subject to Cappella physical site visit).

Each of 12 teams will work together in a single team workspace, despite the fact that they are participating in varying activities.
Each workspace will consist of 4 rectangular connected tables.

• Table 1: Nut-based recipe making
• Table 2: Coffee-based recipe making
• Table 3: Cocoa-based recipe making
• Table 4: Display table for presentation of final menu

• Teams are given 5-10 minutes to discuss their strategy and menu internally

• Teams gather necessary ingredients in the marketplace

• Teams execute chosen recipes and arrange the presentation within a 1-hour limit

• Panel of judges walks around to award scores. A chosen speaker from the team presents the menu creation to everybody

• An award is given to the best teams
During the teams' strategy discussion, participants browse idea cards for different ingredient processing and baking techniques for the 3 main ingredients.

They will choose 1 or more techniques per ingredient, and gather the necessary ingredients at the marketplace.

Idea card examples are below.
Nut-based ideas
Nut Bars
Create nut bars with different ingredients and toppings.
Nut Butter
Make your own creamy and soft nut butter.
Nut Milk
Create your own nut milk using a variety of different ingredients and spices.
Seasoned Nuts
Toast nuts and mix with various seasonings, spices.
Coffee-based ideas
Roasted Coffee
Make your choice of coffee beans, roast them and even grind them if you'd like!
Coffee Mocktail
Choose from different types of coffee cold brews, spices, juices, syrups, garnishes, and assemble them.
Coffee Syrup
Brew coffee and make it into a sweet syrup, and use it creatively!
Cocoa-based Recipe Ideas
Chocolate Confections
Create your own chocolate using different moulds.
Chocolate Bark
Melt chocolate, form it in any shapes, and top it up with nuts, spices, fruits, and other toppings
Chocolate Muffins
Create chocolate muffins with any filling, toppings, decorations.
It is difficult for us to split each single activity as the event is complex and requires coordination and logistics that are common to all activities.

Our offer will be flat for the whole event including all staff and necessary equipment.

SGD 28,000 ++

If you would like us to work alongside with experts in Coffee, Nuts or Chocolate other than the ones we provide, it is ok, yet has no effect on the logistics and personnel involvement from our side.
One Raffles Place
#04-63, Tower 2
048616 Singapore

Daily 8am to 11pm

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