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Defining Team identity
Define the team identity
The objective of the workshop went beyond creating the identity of the team. Apart from understanding each other better, participants were able to create a foundation to progress together as a team.
1. Build the model that represents yourself as a person
This application step uses partial of the technique of Johari Window. The technique helps individuals and others to understand themselves.
Yuan Yuan
"On a journey from a safe and stable life to unknown adventure and territories."
"Always find logic and structure of things with my wife by me side."
"Travelling and moving around the world, family has recently grown with a new addition and always changing environments. Elephant signifies partner's country of origin, Sri-Lanka"
"Very structured and organised person, but with the room for flexibility."
2. Tell us a story you want to be remembered by
The models built individually and shared with other showcases the person's character, priorities and objectives.
"Always in search for happiness and to always be happy"
"The older you get, the more risks you should take"
"Leaving room for new experiences while always storing old experiences for memories."
Yuan Yuan
"To be the one who makes an impact to change the world for the better"
3. Add 3 values that are of utmost importance to you
Identifying and sharing values allows the team to create a mutual understanding of what each individual treasures and potentially leveraging on each value towards a purpose.
  • Meaningful
  • Learning
  • Experimenting
Yuan Yuan
  • Family
  • Friends/People I've met
  • Health
  • Transparency
  • Strength
  • Family
  • Utility
  • Integrity
  • Love
4. Choose your top 2 values and place it in the middle
Create a team identity by merging the top 2 values from each player.
5. Connect your models
The team's shared identity consists of different values that are of utmost importance to each team player. Using this technique reveals the real identity of the team, as it is made up of individuals who are unique from one another.
We are a team, who treats each other as FAMILY and FRIENDS with LOVE, in a quest of MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCES and NEVER ENDING LEARNING by being as useful as a UTILITY and with HEALTH in mind.
6. Build 4 elements each that you will face together as a team moving forward
By mapping out the different potential challenges, successes and other related factors creates the environment that surrounds the team
7. Write down potential emergences that might happen in the future
Mapping and brainstorming the different scenarios that the team may encounter and overcome together. These scenarios may be internal or external situations.
8. Build 3 simple guiding principles each
Establishing these guidelines allows the team to overcome any emergence and align on how the team moves forward.
Simple guiding principles on team dynamics:

1. People oriented / caring
2. Transparency
3. Perseverance (keep going)
4. Solidarity
5. Foreseeing
6. Alignment

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